20 Inspiring Digital Painters To Follow On Instagram

20 Inspiring Digital Painters to Follow on Instagram (Part 1)

Thanks to it’s visual nature, Instagram is the perfect social network for artists. We’ve dug deep and found 20 insanely talented digital painters to follow for your daily dose of inspiration.

01. Dan LuVisi - @danluvisiart

With an impressive portfolio of paintings done for the likes of DC Comics, Hasbro and Universal, Dan LuVisi’s current collection of bizarre pop-culture parodies is definitely worth checking out on Instagram. This painting is just one of many beautifully twisted pieces in his upcoming satirical book, POPPED CULTURE, which was successfully backed on Kickstarter.

Grand Theft Otto. Popped Culture Book Kickstarter coming Nov 1st!

A photo posted by Dan LuVisi (@danluvisiart) on

02. David Belliveau - @davidb.insta

Learning the art of digital painting? Follow our lead director, French Canadian David Belliveau, for your weekly dose of inspiration and tutorials! When he’s not making tutorials for Paintable, he’s doodling and painting portraits – his graphic design roots definitely come out in his ominous, yet contemporary style.

03. Flore Maquin - @flore_maquin

If you like movie art, French digital artist and graphic designer Flore Maquin is a must-follow. Her Instagram is full of beautiful movie posters for films like Django Unchained, Jaws, and Austin Powers, as well as many more of her illustrations and designs. A great account for some all-round inspiration.

04. June Y. Cheng - @yanjunchengart

June Cheng has a very unique and instantly recognizable style. Painting mainly female portraits, Cheng uses a beautiful, bright pallet with touches of flourescent cyan and and magenta.

05. ilikeyoursensitivity - @ilikeyoursensitivity

Though posts are relatively irregular, this is a great Instagram to follow for inspiration on female portraits. With rough strokes and often enlarged eyes, her paintings have a clear and beautiful, feminine style.

A photo posted by @ilikeyoursensitivity on

07. John Aslarona - @johnaslarona

For fans of: movie art, especially Star Wars, Marvel and DC comics, but also just generally awesome digital art. John Aslarona is an incredibly talented artist, both digital as well as traditional. The impressive blend of quality artwork, process screenshots, pencil drawings and hyper-detailed pen inkings make this a great Instagram to look out for.

09. Miranda Meeks - @mirandameeks

With a beautiful blend of digital paintings and pencil drawings, Miranda Meek‘s Instagram is a great one to follow for regular inspiration. Her work has a dark, dreamlike quality to it, often featuring themes of sci-fi, fantasy or nature . Among many other exiting projects, her work is also being featured in the upcoming anthology 1001 Knights, focusing on “focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones.”

10. Julio Cesar - @mz09art

Not to be confused with a similarly-named Roman emperor, Julio Cesar‘s Instagram is an awesome one to follow for several reason. 1) He’s an amazing digital painter. 2) He’s an amazing traditional illustrator, and he frequently posts pictures of his pen and Posca drawings. 3) He has a great series of photographs he’s transformed into stylized illustrations, which he posts regularly and are well worth checking out.

Little girl - study REFERENCE : @babiekinsmag

A photo posted by Julio Cesar (@mz09art) on

11. Phil Noto - @philnoto

​Phil Noto is an American painter and comic book artist, famous for work on a number of big projects including Jonah Hex, X-23, Uncanny X-Force and Black Widow. Having previously worked at Disney Feature Animation for 10 years, he now works as a full-time artist for Marvel and DC.

13. Vlad Rodriguez - @pixeldomestiko

Another great Instagram for fans of movie art. Vlad Rodriguez is an exceptionally talented illustrator and digital painter, with subject matters focusing on pop culture, film and music. He regularly posts pictures of his finished work, as well as juicy detail and process photos. Check out his store to see his selection of digital and screen printed movie posters.

14. Lisa Buijteweg - @zolaida

An artist from the Netherlands, Lisa Buijteweg found her love for drawing at the age of 18, inspired by Final Fantasy XIII (in her own words, it “just looked way too pretty for it’s own good and I wanted to be able to make art like that too”). Since then her fantasy art has been featured across the internet, even making it onto the front cover of an edition of the artbook Rewritten.

15. Dave Rapoza - @daverapoza

Dave Rapoza is a self-taught illustrator from Boston, MA. Besides working on freelance illustration commissions he also co-creates not just one, but three comics: Lichman, Skull & Shark, and Black Witch. Follow his Instagram to see his beautiful artwork and behind-the-scenes process, and have a look at his website for video tutorials on his process.

16. Kari Günther - @karipaints

Kari Günther is an illustrator from Atlanta, GA currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany. She’s got a beautiful, fantasy inspired style, with a dreamlike quality and a slightly feminine touch. Her Instagram is worth checking out to stay updated with her finished pieces, but also various process sketches and inkings.

18. Stanley Lau - @artgerm

Stanley Lau, also known as Artgerm to his fans, is an illustrator, designer, and concept artist from Hong Kong. From his humble beginnings in DeviantArt, he worked his way towards becoming one of the most successful digital artists today. He co-founded Imaginary Friends Studios, which caters to clients such as Capcom, DC Comics, and Riot Games. Follow his Instagram account for updates on his latest work and whereabouts.

To all who celebrate CNY, Happy Chinese New Year in advance! #chinesenewyear

A photo posted by Stanley Artgerm™ Lau (@artgerm) on

19. Tyson Murphy - @tysmurph

Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Did you enjoy seeing the vivid and incredibly creative mix of fantasy characters? Well then you’ll definitely want to follow Tyson Murphy, the Lead Character Artist on World of Warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment. Not only will you get to see a TON of amazing character designs and digital paintings, he also reveals a lot of the sketches and watercolors that go into creating his concept work.

A quick demo done at work. Comfort zone things, hah. #art #illustration #instaart #instagood #painting #monk

A photo posted by Tyson Murphy (@tysmurph) on

20. Houston Sharp - @houstonsharp

Houston Sharp was the feature artist from our previous post, 50 Breathtaking Digital Painting Portraits, and for good reason. A self-described Illustrator/ concept artist/ nerd, he is just as talented a digital painter as he is a drawer. He showcases his impressive body of concept art on his Instagram, so be sure not to miss that.

And here's the full painting! #sketch #painting #conceptart #fallout #brotherhood #bethesda

A photo posted by Houston Sharp (@houstonsharp) on

21. Paintable -

Make sure to follow Paintable on Instagram for your daily dose of inspiration! We curate and post a selection of artwork from around the world several times each day, and promise to post nothing but the finest digital paintings!

A photo posted by Paintable ( on


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