25 Incredible Portrait Artists to Follow on Instagram

Cover image by Valentina Remenar

Inspiration in your pocket…

Want to see striking digital paintings every time you pick up your phone? Follow these incredible portrait artists on Instagram and have the inspiration right in your pocket.

Scroll with caution! Common side effects of reading Paintable blog posts include a sudden need to paint and heavy experimentation with colors, resulting in rapid improvement in your digital painting skills. 😁 

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01. Toraji

02. Valentina Remenar

03. Irakli Nadar

04. Alexandra Fastovets

05. Dave Greco

06. Hiba

07. David Belliveau

08. Ivan Efimov

09. Steve Jung

10. Fernanda Suarez

11. Ana Marija

12. Astri Lohne

13. Mioree

14. Peter Xiao 肖吉

15. Fatemeh Haghnejad

16. Yanjun Cheng

17. Little Lis

18. Alexis Franklin

19. Sara Tepes

20. Sandra Winther

21. Raide

22. Ali Kiani Amin

23. Daniel Walsh

24. ArianaH

25. Cole

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2 thoughts on “25 Incredible Portrait Artists to Follow on Instagram”

  1. Amazing work, but seriously – could we move forward from painting / featuring / promoting the young female faces as the main subject of digital art. All illustration platforms are 98% of female heads, to put it blatantly – so, one might hope to see some diversity of the topics from an influencer like you.
    All whining aside, I do appreciate the high-quality content of the website. You are inspiring and helping many artists, especially those who are at the beginning of their journey.

    • Hi, Vestilla! Thanks so much for the feedback, and we’d love to promote other styles and subjects of artists as well. 🙂 We appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts on this, and we’re glad you enjoy our content and find that it is helpful! Happy painting!


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