3 Best Blending Modes for Digital Painting

Blending Modes: 3 Easy Ways to Color Your Digital Paintings

There are a TON of different blending modes in Photoshop, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by them all…

Color, color dodge, overlay, multiply, lighten…

..What does each one do?
….Which one should I use??
……What the hell does “color dodge” even mean?!?

But here’s the thing: while every blending mode has it’s uses, you only really need to master a handful for digital painting.

So in this quick tutorial, I’ll show you my top 3 favourite modes I use to add color to my digital paintings:

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2 thoughts on “Blending Modes: 3 Easy Ways to Color Your Digital Paintings”

  1. ur videos really helps a lot. i can’t wait to draw and maybe one day i’ll show u some art 🙂 now i only do traditionnal art but i really want to try digital!
    You explain really well!



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