5 Professional Artists Who Killed It With One Week Portrait

Our One Week Portrait Challenge attracts artists from the world over, from beginners who have just bought their first graphics tablet to professional artists looking to exercise their creativity.

In our first Challenge of 2020, over 17,000 artists made the commitment to pick up their styluses, boot up their painting program of choice, and paint every day for five days! 😍

Today, we’re giving some love to five of the awesome pro artists who completed the One Week Portrait Challenge to give you a big dose of encouragement and inspiration! 

Sara Tepes

Sara Tepes is a college student originally from Romania, and her paintings are mind-blowing. 🤯 Sara loves everything peach-flavored, and you can even see this in her incredible art, which often uses gorgeous warm orange and yellow tones.

For One Week Portrait, she recreated a reference in her signature style, and it practically jumps off the page!

The incredible Sara Tepes - Click to see her timelapse of this OWP painting!

Follow Sara on Instagram and support her over on Patreon for discounts on her prints, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her painting process, and more! 🖌️

Mel Milton

The talented Mel Milton - Catch his video on this OWP portrait on his YouTube channel

Mel Milton is a self-taught professional digital painter and author of two digital painting books, where he shares his art, or “dooks”, as he calls them.

Mel is a truly intuitive painter. Rather than sticking to a set process each and every time, he mixes it up depending on how he feels. For One Week Portrait, Mel painted this beautiful portrait in grayscale first to get down the tones before adding color, and the final result really pops! 💥

You can follow Mel on Instagram, support him by buying a print of his work or his in-demand dook volumes from his online shop, or subscribe to his YouTube channel, where Mel shares speed painting videos along with commentary on his painting process! 🎤

Tricia Loren

The expressive Tricia Loren

Tricia Loren is an inspirational painter who’s very easy to relate to. Like many of us, Tricia sees painting as an escape and a way to express herself. And she’s entirely self-taught!

Tricia’s use of pastel colors adds a whimsical, magical quality to her art,  and she’s a perfect example of how dedication and persistence are all you need — not an artistic background and a diploma from art school! 🎨

Support Tricia by buying a print or following her on Instagram, where you can find works in progress, finished pieces, commissions, and a whole lot more! ✨

Ibrahem Swaid

The charismatic Ibrahem Swaid

Dubai-based freelance concept artist and illustrator Ibrahem Swaid has a portfolio packed full of dynamic portraits and charismatic characters, and his One Week Portrait project is no exception!

After picking his reference, Ibrahem followed the One Week Portrait process to create the perfect line art before picking his colors and adding his signature stylized flourishes. The finished result is a captivating portrait.

Follow Ibrahem on Instagram, shop stickers, prints, and books, and subscribe to his Twitch channel for time-lapses, live painting sessions, and commentary! 😍

Sammy Khalid

The very productive Sammy Khalid (aka @Chigg)

Our final pro participant of the One Week Portrait Challenge is Sammy Khalid, a professional concept artist and sci-fi and fantasy illustrator from in Ireland.

His career spans film, gaming, and advertising, and Sammy boasts an impressive resume that includes Black Mirror and Room. 😲

You can follow Sammy on Instagram, where he shares a new painting every single day, as well as support him on Patreon and get your favorite piece of art printed on a canvas, tote bag, laptop sleeve, and more at his shop! 🖼️

During One Week Portrait, Sammy painted not just one or two but five incredible caricatures. You can really see how his use of color in the early stages lay the foundation for an incredible finished piece.

Who are your favorites?

Check out the profiles of these amazing professional artists, follow them for an abundance of artistic inspiration, and don’t forget to support them too. Even if it’s a like or a comment, a little bit of love goes a long way. ❤️

Happy Painting!


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2 thoughts on “5 Professional Artists Who Killed It With One Week Portrait”

  1. Tricia Loren T-Totally nailed the OWP challenge!!! I absolutely LOVE her portrait! I’m immediately drawn to the big gorgeous eyes and the amount of anatomy Tricia chose to include! She made a fantastically wise decision to feature the neck entirely, the feminine collarbone, and the petite shoulders!! It really allows you to imagine the rest of the character! And she is definitely a blonde bombshell!! <3 Great job Tricia!


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