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Digital Painting Academy

Learn the art of digital painting and build your portfolio with us!

trusted by over 9000 students


You sit in front of your computer and start painting effortlessly…

  • The captivating cover art from your favorite books & graphic novels.
  • Those vivid, detailed scenes in the games you can’t stop playing.

  • The stunning portraits and whimsical characters you’d see on your Instagram feed and think: “UGH! I wish I could do that myself…”


Translating your ideas onto the digital canvas is 100% possible no matter your skill level!

You just haven't had the clear path you need to get there... until now. The DPA provide and easy to follow "learning Path" to get you there no matter your present skill level.

You’re here because

You’re ready to Go Digital!
(For real this time)

  • Whether you’ve got a traditional art background, dabbling in watercolors, sketching, and more

  • Or you’ve already taken the plunge into the world of digital art but you’re still searching for a solid process that works

  • Or even if you’re starting totally from scratch: learning foundational art skills AND digital painting at the same time (kudos to you)! 

We know there’s one thing that every digital artist wants:
👉 to make truly epic art!

“This is what made the difference for me”

“Before joining The DPA, I felt like I was lacking those fundamental skills I needed, like how to best use my tools to make things look realistic and give it that extra “oomph”, like in the games I love. I needed some steps to follow.

Since joining, I know how to manipulate layers in my art, and use the tools to my advantage to really bring out light, colors, shadow and contrast. It makes everything look more dramatic. Plus, I feel I have more discipline and I’m making art on a more regular basis.

Ami Jackson
DPA Student

The only problem?

Your skills…. don’t match your vision (yet)

  • Software struggles + searching for the perfect brushes, shortcuts and commands takes up too much time ⏱️ and stops you from getting in “the zone”.

  • So you watch a few YouTube videos from your favorite artists & teachers, but they don’t explain all the steps they took along the way — leaving you in the dark without a clear plan to improve.

  • And whenever you dare to break free from a reference picture to unleash your own creative genius…

… You end up with dull or muddy colors, shadows that are too light or too dark, and proportions or perspectives that look wonky 🥴 — leaving you wondering where it all went so wrong.

If you spend more time hitting CTRL + Z than you do creating, it’s time for an intervention ✋

Piecing together random info from free videos, books, and confusing courses… but still not improving? It’s because you’re missing the big picture!

Inside The Digital Painting Academy, we’ll help you create your first (or next) masterpiece — start to finish, one simple step at a time.

“The best classes I’ve ever taken. Totally worth the time and money!”

“I’ve had an iPad but I didn’t really know where to begin. I didn’t know much about Photoshop and using the software, creating layers… it’s just different from the relationship you have with a page. It was intimidating.

I wanted to create more complex illustrations, work with light and shadows, textures and create nice compositions. I tried a few courses on Skillshare but there was no sense of community or people I could relate to.

The DPA is way more engaging than a simple class because you’re really pushed to create your own art based on the ideas they share with you.

Now, I’m excited about my craft, my skills and my potential. I have more confidence and a step by step process I can follow to create the things I want to create.”

Daniella Oro

How does the
Digital Painting Academy work?

Bottom line…

Go from “Newbie” to “Pro” in the next 12 months

Stick with us, and you’ll go from “Newbie” to “Pro” in the next 12 months & digitally illustrate ANYTHING you can imagine with confidence.

We help you finish more paintings, turn random “practice” into a clear path to improvement and build your personal portfolio… every single month!

Inside Digital Painting Academy, we help you focus on the next right thing, one step at a time — so you can make progress faster, and create digital art (just like the artists you admire) sooner.

You DON’T need to bounce between dozens of tutorials or techniques — the kind that make you feel more confused than before you started! 

You DO need to learn the RIGHT techniques in the RIGHT order, with the RIGHT practices to help you nail it! (Yep,  it really can be that simple!)

Learn a professional workflow ✏️

We show you how to create a workflow and a way of “thinking” about your art that will help you create more confidently, get stuck less often, and, ultimately, make the digital art you imagine with total freedom.

If you want to create art more consistently, take your skills to new heights, and build a killer portfolio of work that showcases your skills (and might even score you some paying clients), there’s no better place to be than The Digital Painting Academy.

I really enjoyed the organized structure of the courses. The foundations and the modules for individual aspects such as hair, skin tones or anatomy made it easy to divide my studying time into smaller chunks. That really helps with the motivation to continue learning and painting!

Julia Klein

I love the site and can't begin to tell you what a difference it's made for me. I went from 'I have an art degree' being the funniest joke I could tell to actually making work that looks good.

Sami Yuhas

I feel far more comfortable with digital painting now. I don't struggle with smooth blending and I've learnt lots of easy tips and tricks that make it easy to fix mistakes or to really push the drawing to the next level. Basically, I've learnt how to use technology efficiently to create beautiful paintings.


Or, keep reading for a tour of exactly what’s inside!

The 3 step journey of the
✨ Digital Painting Academy✨

01 Observation - 02 imagination - 03 portfolio



FIRST: Confidently Create ANY Digital Painting from Observation

Your first 90 days inside The Digital Painting Academy is a step-by-step journey that will take you from total newbie… to learning all the FUN-damentals to illustrate ANYTHING digitally from observation.

Here’s what you’ll learn in just the first 90 days, as you progress from Newbie, to Beginner, to Advanced!

  •  ✏️ The foundations of digital illustration, including observation, sketching, lines, and form
  • 💻 How to effortlessly choose, navigate and organize your digital tools and software for maximum creativity (and all the time-saving shortcuts you never knew you needed!)

  • 🎨 The essential elements of lighting, color, and perspective you need to illustrate and render digital paintings from start to finish (with a simple process you can follow every time). 

short and to the point…

Each of the 300+ videos inside The DPA are usually 5 minutes long or less, broken down into the essential info (and taught in the right order) you need to make progress without getting overwhelmed.


What you’ll achieve:

In just your first 90 days inside The Digital Painting Academy, you’ll follow our step-by-step method to sketch and render dozens of digital paintings from observation — like objects, icons, animals, and even portraits!

You’ll even make your first digital illustration (hint:🌵) from start to finish within the first 60 minutes of joining!

⭐️ Newbies:

This is the fastest, simplest path 🏃‍♂️ to start making digital illustrations you’re excited to share with the world — even if you’re starting from zero (you’ll be a hero in no time!)

✨ Non-beginners:

Even if you're already at ease with your tablet and pencil, we help you fill in gaps in your process you didn’t know you had 🔍 so you can create high-quality paintings in less time!

“Thank you for putting together such an accessible and understandable program.

I've learned more about digital art within a week of joining DPA than I was able to do in nearly two years of trying to make sense of random YouTube tutorials on my own.”

Katika Schneider

“I got more out of this than I did in a full-semester class at university and didn't have to take out a loan to do it.

The videos are amazing and in-depth, and the structure of the class is perfectly paced to take you through the process of painting without overwhelming you.”

Jennifer Deweese

We even have members that have studied art, illustration or animation at university — and many of them say that The Digital Painting Academy is the first place that broke digital painting down into a process that got them results. 💪

Or, keep reading for a tour of exactly what’s inside!



SECOND: Advanced Techniques to Bring Your Vision to Life!

Ready to bring your imagination to life? 💫 Whatever’s in your mind’s eye, this is the part of The DPA where you’ll learn exactly how to do it.

As you progress from “Skilled” to “Pro”, you’ll build skills you need to illustrate more complex compositions and scenes… and do it 100% from your own imagination 🧠!

We’ll guide you through:

  • 💡 The finer details of light, shading and color theory required to render more complex digital scenes and forms.

  • 📐 In-depth instruction & practices on perspective, proportion, and how to enhance your entire composition.

  • 🔍 How to deconstruct your own art and critique your work to find mistakes and potential issues.

If you’ve ever wondered… 💭

  • How do I add depth and atmosphere to my digital paintings?

  • How can I create dynamic lighting in my digital art?

  • What’s the secret to crafting eye-catching compositions?

We break everything down into a clear process to follow, with plenty of exercises to practice each step of the way.


What you’ll achieve:

As you journey from “skilled” to “pro”, you will create an entire illustration of a scene and character, totally from your own imagination — using digital tools and effects to turn your vision into reality! (Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through each step!)

Plus, you’ll complete dozens more illustrations along the way.

“I’m going outside of my comfort zone and making the things I see in my head.”

“I’ve watched YouTube videos and read books, but there wasn’t a pathway to follow. It felt haphazard and I didn’t like what I was producing. So I’d just fizzle off and lose momentum.

When I found Paintable I could tell there was a structure to the way David teaches. I like the short videos and how easy they are to follow. Even after the first 2 videos, I found that I was able to actually achieve the outcomes David was teaching… and it looked really good!

I’m painting digitally every day now and enjoying the process so much more. My wife and kids are commenting on what I’m making and how much better it is.

Peter Valsan



THIRD: Work on real professional project briefs all year long!

We know creating a portfolio can be overwhelming—cue the dreaded "blank canvas syndrome." 😱 But don't worry, we've got your back with a ready-to-go plan!

Enter the "Portfolio Builder Program", including:

  • 🎯 New professional briefs inspired by real-life clients, complete with deliverables, deadlines, specs, and resources

  • 🔦 Spotlight lessons from our Deep Dive Library (more on that below!) to help you break big projects into bite-sized steps

  • 🎨 Exclusive access to DPA community feedback and step-by-step videos of a working artist tackling each brief from start to finish!

Get the blueprint

Ever wondered what it's like to work like a pro? The Portfolio Builder program is your VIP pass! 🎟️

From game cards to character splash art and beyond, it's the perfect recipe to add new illustrations to your portfolio every month and develop a creative process that'll make the pros envious. It's like having a blueprint to create new illustrations.

So, let's get those creative juices flowing! 👊


What you’ll achieve:

The digital artist’s holy grail: stop wondering over what to create and add a stunning new project to your portfolio… every single month!

Blank-page-syndrome: BE GONE! 🪄💨

(Oh, plus the chance to practice your skills on interesting new projects, build a pro-level workflow, and learn what it takes to nail the brief every time)

“A complete digital workflow”

“I’ve been struggling for some time to seriously start painting digitally.

The Digital Painting Academy gave me the tools and approaches to finally jumping the border from traditional or half-digital to a complete digital workflow… without putting me in a strict corset that wouldn’t have fitted my life.”

Thorsten Piepenbrink

Plus, amazing extras
to help you progress faster 🎁


bonus 01 - Value of $150

Get Lifetime access to the One Week Portrait Masterclass!

Your new favorite workflowfor digital portraiture 👇

  • Go from sketch, to render, to perfectly polished portrait in 5 days or less (even if nothing you’ve made so far lives up to your standards)

  • Create your own workflow for creating portraits that is fast, easy and designed to help you finish more paintings

  • Master the shortcuts and step-by-step methods professional artists use to add color, dimension, and their personal flair to their portraits (without overthinking it)

Once you learn this workflow, you can apply it to ANY kind of painting you want to create (whether it's a portrait, a full-blown concept, or anything in between).

You don't have to be an expert in anatomy to create stunning portraits. This is a class you'll want to watch over and over again!


bonus 01

Creating your personal time management & daily
practice plan! ⏰

This brand new mini-class will help you make art a regular, sustainable part of your life. Inside, you'll find:

  • Solutions to the biggest barriers to making art… TIME! And how to stay on track, and building a lasting art habit

  • Custom-made schedule builder to maximize your unique time constraints

  • A sneak peek at how David organizes his personal calendar to fit creativity into his busy weeks

It’s the perfect place to kick off your journey inside The DPA.


bonus 02

The Deep-Dive Library Unlocked 🔑

The Deep Dive Library is our massive collection of mini-courses on essential digital illustration topics! We’re talking anatomy, portraiture, character design, landscapes, and more!

You could invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars into a course on just ONE of the dozens of topics we cover inside The Deep Dive Library…

or, you can join the Digital Painting Academy and get unlimited access to all of it, in one place (for a fraction of the price).


bonus 02

Professional feedback & expert paint-overs on your artwork 🖌

As an Academy members your have a chance to receive personalized feedback from a pro artist, or pick up new ideas as you watch fellow DPA members get feedback on their work during our monthly LIVE paint-over sessions!

These paint-over sessions show you exactly what to do to level up your illustrations. Can't be there? No worries, we upload the recordings to the DPA.


bonus 03

Share your art journey with other DPA members in real time 🙌

Be part of the friendliest community out there. If you have a questions at any time of the day simply ask. The Tribe community is there for you 24/7 with a private channel exclusive to DPA members.

  • Post your exercises and receive feedback from the community on them right away.


  • Share your artistic journey with other DPA members. Learn from one another.


  • Get direct access to David! YES, for real. David, the lead instructor of the DPA is an active member of the community and is always there to help or give you some encouragement.

The community is hosted on Discord with all it's advantages.

“I see a pathway where I could
do this as a career”

“Art instructors aren’t always great at explaining their process. What is that brush doing, why did you do that stroke, what’s the purpose? I couldn’t follow their steps or express what my imagination was telling me to do. I was frustrated with the results of what I was making.

I now have a methodology to refer back to. Before, I was using tools and effects randomly. Controlling colors was hard. I felt my work looked childish and dull, and I couldn’t organize the layers in my photoshop file.

People are noticing that my art is stronger now. I see a pathway where I could do this full-time as a career.”

Joao Miguel

Ready to Join The
⭐️ Digital Painting Academy? ⭐️

Get the A-Z of digital painting, and a start-to-finish process to take your illustration skills to new heights (in just a few minutes a day)

Whether you're painting for pleasure or pursuing pro-level digital art, The Digital Painting Academy has your back! 🎨

Here's what your membership includes:

Join now and create your next (or first) digital painting within 60 minutes of signing up! 🖌️

Get started today

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SAVE $141 / yr

The Paintable Promise:

Spot The Difference in 30 Days, or It’s on Us!

We want you to see how fun and achievable creating digital art can be! Just 30 days from now, you could be:

😍 Finishing more art and building your portfolio

🎨 Enjoying a motivating and fun regular art practice

💪 Confident with your tools and software

🚀 Creating a streamlined workflow for faster, freer work

🌟 Making art that gets better each time you try!

With our proven path, this is 100% within your reach—and we back it with a 30 Day money-back guarantee.🎖️ Just follow the path, do the practice exercises, and commit to showing up just a few minutes at a time. If you don't see a significant difference in 30 days, we'll refund your money. Simple!

But, we think you'll want to stick around 😉 You can also cancel your monthly membership anytime with just 2 clicks.

"Every portrait that
I'm doing (…) is better
than the last"

Amanda Gremba - Paintable Student 💬

"The progress that I've made is insane"

Taryn Peterson - Paintable Student 💬

"If you try it, you are going to love it"

Miguel Olalder - Paintable Student 💬


Hi there, I'm David! 👋
lead instructor and creator of The Digital Painting Academy.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been obsessed with everything Digital Painting.

Just like you, whipping up one-of-a-kind creations is my ultimate happy place . I loved being able to take my art and my ideas along on my travels, painting on my tablet while I roamed the globe. 🌎

But, there was a hiccup. I spent heaps of time practicing and imitating others' work, wondering why I wasn’t progressing like I wanted to!

So I went on a quest 🚀 to create the most effective pathway to creating stunning digital illustrations.

Then, I turned everything I’ve learned into what’s waiting for you inside The Digital Painting Academy.

We’ve already helped over 9000 people (and counting) improve their digital art, including:


If you’ve never successfully completed a digital painting you’re proud of OR feel overwhelmed by the software and tools, The Digital Painting Academy is where you will find your confidence.

Step by step, we’ll show you how to master the process of digital illustration so you can make art you love and can’t wait to share with the world.


You’ve been making digital art for a while now, but you’re still not able to create what you envision in your mind, at a standard you’re happy with.

We’ll help you take what you already know, fill in the gaps, and create a workflow that helps you create stronger art and enjoy the process too.


You want to make art a bigger part of your life, but you’ve tried a bunch of things that never really “stick”.

You get bored, or discouraged or frustrated… and you’re starting to wonder if maybe you’re just not disciplined enough to do this thing.

We turn the process of learning into something you can do in just a few minutes a day, and we’ve designed The Academy to help you get quick wins from the moment you join.


You dream of earning an income from your art — like paid commissions, prints and stickers, or even landing a job as an illustrator full-time.

Everything inside The Digital Painting Academy is designed to help you build a workflow that is worthy of a professional artist — and the confidence to match.

(Plus, if you choose the “annual” membership option, you also get access to our “Going Pro” Masterclass, which covers everything you need to know about finding clients, doing the work and getting paid.)

No matter what, we want to help you whip out your tablet, iPad, or laptop and simply start creating — knowing that you’ve got what it takes to bring your vision to life!

If you want this too, then The Digital Painting Academy was made for you!

“The DPA showed me a way of thinking… I don’t get stuck anymore.”

“Other courses were really inaccessible. I needed help breaking it down into a process. I was looking for a workflow that worked for me consistently. Colors, shadows… I wanted a way of thinking.

Since joining the DPA, I feel like I’m getting a university education based on how thorough everything is. You walk away knowing the direction you need to go in so you can finish the work.

I’m finishing work more often and I don’t really get stuck anymore. I have a way of approaching my art now that makes me feel so much more confident.”

Georgia B.

Questions you might have about joining us…

The DPA is an online membership that provides step-by-step tutorials, resources, and support to improve your digital painting skills. 🎨 You’ll follow a structured learning path, from newbie to pro, with access to live Q&A sessions, a supportive community, and feedback from professional artists (even if your art isn’t chosen to be critiqued, you will learn so much from watching others get feedback!). Everything is recorded and you can go at your own pace.

Plus, you’ll have access to the portfolio builder, featuring briefs and guidance to help you add a brand new painting to your portfolio every single month that shows off the skills you’re building! 💪

You’ll master digital illustration techniques in the RIGHT order, from observation and sketching to lighting and perspective. Plus, you’ll learn how to effectively use your digital tools, master color theory, shadows, proportions and build your own creative workflow.

Portraits, characters, landscapes, animals, icons and more — we’ll explore it all inside The DPA, in a structured path that means you’ll never get lost. (Plus, there’s the deep dive library with mini courses on topics like anatomy, special FX, and so much more!)

Ultimately, the goal is to help you master your software and tools, and be able to create any digital painting from imagination within the next 12 months… with noticeable progress in your skills in just the next 30 days! 🖌️

The DPA is best for beginner to intermediate level artists who are looking for a path to improve their skills, master their tools and software, and sharpen their workflow. You’ll pick up valuable lessons and techniques to help you grow and refine your digital painting skills.

Nope! DPA welcomes artists of all backgrounds and experience levels. 🎉 We’ll guide you through the basics and help you progress at your own pace, so you’ll never feel left behind.

Absolutely! The DPA’s bite-sized lessons (typically 5 minutes or less) make it easy to learn and practice, even with a busy schedule. 📚 Plus, our flexible learning paths let you progress at your own pace, so you can become a better artist without feeling overwhelmed. 👌

The DPA offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to learning that leaves no stone unturned. It’s focused on the big picture and teaches the right skills in the right order. 🥳

You’ll never have to “guess” or piece together different ideas again. The unique structure of The DPA will help you stay motivated and make real progress in your digital art journey.

DPA is designed to keep you engaged and motivated! With our supportive community, interactive live sessions, and step-by-step learning path, you’ll find it easier than ever to stay consistent and see your skills grow. 🌱

We take all the confusing theories and information and turn it into ONE simple process you can follow to master the right skills in the right order. If you have a few minutes a day, you will make progress and an see an improvement in your paintings. (Plus, you’ve got 30 days to test that promise out for yourself with our money-back guarantee.)

While you will need a drawing tablet and digital painting software, DPA doesn’t require any specific tools or software. We’ll help you choose and master the tools that work best for you, so you can focus on your craft! 🙌 

No worries! Our live Q&A sessions, private Discord channel, and supportive community are here to help you overcome challenges and find solutions. 😊 You’ll never be alone in your digital art journey.

📧 Just shoot us an email at [email protected]! Our friendly team is always happy to help with any questions!

What if…

This could be the year that you brought your creative dreams to life? 💫

Digital Painting Academy is your fast track to creating the digital art of your dreams, with a clear learning path and monthly practices to build an amazing portfolio. 🌟

If you’re overwhelmed by all the information out there, let’s simplify:

No more aimless “practice” for months or years, hoping your art will magically improve.

Instead, follow the learning path to learn a repeatable process for creating any kind of digital art you can imagine. We make it simple, doable, and downright enjoyable! 😁

Ditch those boring exercises and hours-long art sessions.

Got 10 minutes a day? That’s all you need!  Our 5-10 minute lessons come with practice exercises for immediate application. ⏰

No need for an art degree, loads of experience, or being a “natural talent”.

Digital Painting is for everyone! We help you fill in any knowledge gaps, from newbie to pro. 🎨

If you’re ready to:

🎉 Unleash your creativity with confidence and freedom

📈 Boost your skills in a clear, fun, and manageable way

🛠 Master digital painting tools for limitless creation, anytime, anywhere!

💰 Explore selling your art or earning an income from it

🌟 Add brand-new illustrations to your portfolio every month

Just choose your plan below and let's kickstart this art adventure together 🤝!

Ready? 👀 See you on the other side!

Ready to Join The
⭐️ Digital Painting Academy? ⭐️

Get the A-Z of digital painting, and a start-to-finish process to take your illustration skills to new heights (in just a few minutes a day)

Whether you're painting for pleasure or pursuing pro-level digital art, The Digital Painting Academy has your back! 🎨

Here's what your membership includes:

Join now and create your next (or first) digital painting within 60 minutes of signing up! 🖌️

Get started today:

Most Flexible

$ 45
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No commitments - cancel any time in 2 clicks
Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee!​

Best Value

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Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee!​

SAVE $141 / yr

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Upgrade to an Annual membership now to get $141 off 1 year in the Academy.

It's like paying $33.23 per month, billed annually.