25 Aug 2016

How to Stylise Your Digital Painting Portraits by Adding Tattoos


Here's an easy way to give your digital portraits a bit of style and personality

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Painting intricate details such as tattoos can be tough.

Getting a 2D graphic to match the contours and grooves of a 3D form is no easy task. Luckily we have digital tools such as Photoshop to help us out.

While this tutorial is all about tattoos, this same technique can be used to apply other flat shape, texture or graphic to a 3-dimensional form.

And unlike real tattoos, this method is quick and pain-free!

How to Paint Tattoos to your Digital Paintings

Watch the video below to find out:

  • Several ways to skew, transform and shift perspectives
  • How to apply 2D graphics to 3D forms
  • Adding realistic lighting to match the scene

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