Anatomy360: Need an Anatomy Reference From Any Angle? Try This!

Ever wish you could rotate a photo, to draw it from another angle?

That’s exactly the problem that Anatomy360 solves!

This awesome app let’s you quickly rotate models, so you can draw and paint them from any angle you need. You can also control the color, direction and intensity of the lighting, and even add a colored rim light.. it really is the perfect reference tool!

Take a look:

Some of my favourite ways to use Anatomy360 include:

  • As a reference when painting characters, people, or hands from tricky angles
  • Understanding how perspective affects foreshortening
  • To get a better understanding of how different light colors and sources will affect your portraits
  • To simplify difficult anatomical shapes into silhouettes or line drawings

Other useful features in the app:

Dynamic Sketching Mode

Sketch mode allows you to easily create line art images with dynamic shadows.

3D Perspective Grid

A big help with foreshortening and drawing people at tricky angles.

Color Controls & Grading

You have full control over all lighting, including rim, fill, key and ambient lighting controls.

Switchable Textures

Turn skin texture on and off, making it easy to see the underlying form.

What kinds of models are there?

The team behind Anatomy360 have built a ton of reference models for male and female characters of all ages. The library of models is constantly growing, and also includes specialty items like heads, clothing, hands, skulls, and this awesome pose pack:

Pose Pack

Free reference photos:

Besides their app, you can also find a huge library of free reference photos on the Anatomy360 website, with turn-around pictures of male and female models, heads, clothing and hands:

More inspiration:

Want to see Anatomy360 in action? Watch and learn how Marvel’s Trevor Hairsine uses the app as a reference for this drawing of Superman:

Where can I get it?

Anatomy360 offer a free demo on their website (Mac and Windows!), which you can use to get a feel for the app. It’s not time restricted, and comes with a single pose from the male hero pack.

Click HERE to Download the Demo

You can also browse the complete library of models and reference packs available in the Anatomy360 store:

Click HERE to Browse the Models & Reference Packs

Psst… to celebrate the end of their Art Challenge, ALL packs in the Anatomy360 store are 50% off until March 30th:

Now over to you..

I hope you find Anatomy360 as useful as I have, and if use it for any of your drawings or paintings, be sure to post them in the comments below!


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  1. I am having to use Daz3D/Poser for my model reference but was never happy with the muscular anatomy. I will definitely be checking this out for my more realistic type work but its going to b all about the poses available and how diverse they can be.


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