Weekly Digital Painting Inspiration #001

Digital Painting Weekly Inspiration #001
Every month we bring you a selection of mind-blowingly beautiful digital paintings for your inspiration! ‘Babara Palvin’ by Kittichai Reaungchaichan ‘Darth Chico’ by Ricardo Chucky ‘Good Karma’ by Irakli Nadar By Bobby Chiu By Yuri Shwedoff ‘Equinox’ by Charlie Bowater By Anirban Ghosh ‘Jungle Mercenaries’ by Mark Sanford ‘Austin Powers’ by Flore Maquin ‘Duel’ by Mauro Fanelli … Read more Weekly Digital Painting Inspiration #001

5 Books Every Digital Painter Has to Read in 2016

5 Essential Digital Painting Books
These 5 books deserve a place on any digital painter’s shelf. With the amount of resources available online these days, we often forget to look to more traditional mediums for learning and inspiration. We’ve put together a list of 5 essential books to help you through every stage of your journey to learning digital painting. … Read more 5 Books Every Digital Painter Has to Read in 2016

20 Inspiring Digital Painters to Follow on Instagram (Part 1)

20 Inspiring Digital Painters To Follow On Instagram
Thanks to it’s visual nature, Instagram is the perfect social network for artists. We’ve dug deep and found 20 insanely talented digital painters to follow for your daily dose of inspiration. 01. Dan LuVisi – @danluvisiart With an impressive portfolio of paintings done for the likes of DC Comics, Hasbro and Universal, Dan LuVisi’s current … Read more 20 Inspiring Digital Painters to Follow on Instagram (Part 1)

50 Breathtaking Digital Painting Portraits

50 Breaktaking Digital Painting Portraits
From Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile to the Girl With the Pearl Earring, portraits have been at the center of art throughout history. We’ve featured 50 striking examples of artists that have taken this beautiful art form into the 21st century. 01. – 03. Thiago Moura Januário Looking at Thiago Moura Januário’s extensive portfolio of portraits … Read more 50 Breathtaking Digital Painting Portraits



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