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Brushes don't make the artist… so they say!

And yet, ALL artists spend HOURS in their art journey looking for the perfect brush. 😅

I’m no exception- I’ve searched the web to find the perfect brushes many times. But when I couldn’t find the exact brushes I needed, I created them myself.

The “Brushes Megapack” is my personal collection of professional brushes created over the years. These are the same brushes my students use to follow my classes, and I know they’ll help you bring your creative visions to life! ✨

Sample of all included brush pack styles

Broken Bone

Old Quill

Dragon Silk


Dry Reed

Air Cap

Universal Cap


Fat Cap

Wide Fat Cap

Skinny Dirty

Fat Felt

Grainy Cap

Single Hair

Lock 01

Lock 02

Lock 03

Lock 04

lock 05

Lock 06

Texture 01

Texture 02

Master Inker


Rusty Bleeding

Bleeding Ink

Grainy Ink

Broken Tip


Coarse Felt

Grungy Felt

Flat Foam

Scratchy Scratchy

Pencil Small

Pencil Medium

Pencil Large

Fat Pale

Pencil Fat

Pencil HB

Fat HB

Broken Feather

Ink Brush

Hard Elliptical

Hard Round

Soft Round


Mixer Brush

Coarse Texture

Skin Pore


Freckles 02

Level-up your style

create your own masterpiece

Take a look at some of the illustrations made with the “Brushes Megapack”:

An ever-growing bundle that keeps on giving!

When you purchase the Brushes Megapack bundle, you’ll automatically receive all the new brushes I create every year, FREE.

You can also ask for the brushes you want in the suggestion box. It’s my way to say thank you for your support!

David Belliveau

Lead instructor at Paintable

Limited time offer

8 brush pack for the price of one!

Get The Brushes Megapack Bundle & Save Big!

Brush Pack #1

12 essential brushes & tools

Blending tools and essential brushes for every project!

Brush Pack #2

14 realistic Sketching Brushes

Sketches with a traditional paper-like texture!

Brush Pack #3

5 smooth inking brushes

Perfect for cartoon strips, storyboards, manga, and more!

Brush Pack #4

5 touchable texture brushes

Add unique style to your art with touchable texture!

Brush Pack #5

10 realistic skin texture

Create realistic skin texture in minutes with this specialized pack!

Brush Pack #6

11 hair texture brushes

Create realistic hair with ease- no more messy hair!

Brush Pack #7

5 Ancient Scroll Brushes

Create Asian calligraphy with this specialized brush set!

Brush Pack #8

12 Graffiti Spray Brushes

Tag the walls with drips and urban spray can effects!


Got Questions?

I’ve got answers 👇

We’ve created the brushes for Photoshop but the brushes are compatible with any software that supports Photoshop (.abr) brushes, such as Procreate, Affinity Designer, Adobe Fresco, and many more.

The Brushes Megapack is an ever growing bundle made of ALL brushes made for the Digital Painting Academy! Each brush and tool has been carefully crafted and optimized to give you the best drawing experience, so you can spend more time doing what you love– creating!

Brushes & Tools:

  • Essential Brushes & Tools (10 brushes + 2 blending tools)
  • Realistic Sketching Brushes (14 brushes)
  • Touchable Texture (5 brushes)
  • Realistic Skin Texture (10 brushes)
  • Flowing Hair (11 brushes)
  • Inking Brushes (5 brushes)
  • Japanese Ink (5 brushes)
  • Graffiti Caps (11 brushes)

You also get…

  • A mini tutorial on how the brushes work and how to install them.
  • Access to ALL future new brushes coming to the Megapack for FREE

Of course you don’t “need” any special brushes for digital painting – the standard soft/round brushes are great for almost any occasion.

However, these brushes will save you a lot of time when painting complex details like hair, skin, freckles, and more!

All sales are final (no refunds) as it’s a digital product. But I put so much work into this brush pack, I just know you’re going to love it 🥰

I’ve recorded a video tutorial on how to use them so you can get started right away – they’re included with the download as well. 🙂 

Message me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Flash sale 80%!!

On the entire megapack bundle

  • Essential Brushes & Tools $15
  • Sketching Premium $22
  • Touchable Texture $12
  • Skin Texture $19
  • Hair $22
  • Inking $12
  • Graffiti $22
  • Ancient Scroll $15

Total value of $139

just $29 Today

Over 9000 Happy Artists (And Counting)

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