Fast-track Your Learning by Building A Painting Habit

Are you ready to get serious about building your digital painting talent?

We know that building any skill and developing any talent means putting in many hours of the activity. I’ve worked with some digital art students that will spend entire afternoons once or twice a month, working on their illustration, and become frustrated because they’re not progressing as quickly as they’d like.

It’s when they commit to a regular, consistent habit of developing their skills, that their progress really takes off!

That’s the key I’m sharing with you today:

When it comes to developing your digital painting skills, the frequency of your art sessions is more important than the amount of time you spend at each sitting! 

 And I have a tool for you to build your own habit! 🙌

Build a Painting Habit

In this video, I show you:

  • What exactly “building a digital painting habit” looks like
  • How much time is actually needed at each sitting for you to see progress
  • The 3 steps to take to build your own painting habit

I’ve also added a downloadable worksheet that I actually use when I get serious about building (or re-building) my own habits.

Watch the video below: 👇

👇 You can download this free PDF of the X Effect sheet right below, and use it for your first 30 habit-building days!

Give it a good 30 days to make your new schedule a solid habit. Then, leave a comment below and let me know if you’re having more fun, and seeing better progress in your skill development!

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2 thoughts on “Fast-track Your Learning by Building A Painting Habit”

  1. Thanks, David a Great idea, as usual, I did have it from before but never got around to using it and now as I can’t work I am going to set it up tonight and follow it religiously.

    • Hi, Robert! We’re so glad that you loved the idea- did you get around to completing your sheet? How’d you enjoy it? We hope you did a lot!


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