21 Mar 2018

Color Thumbnails: How to Pick Better Colors (Fast!)


Here's a cool trick that can save you a LOT of time and frustration in trying to pick the right colors for your painting..

I've started using this technique before I start any painting, and it's been a lifesaver! In just a few clicks, I can now try an infinite number of color combinations, to make sure I nail the perfect palette for my painting.

Watch the video to find out how:

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8 Responses

  1. Ana Garcia

    Oh WOW!!! Thank you so much for this tip! Your tips have helped me so much. Keep them coming PLEASE! and thank you ❤️

  2. vasco

    hello, i was wondering ive been painting and drawing for the past few months i kept on searching for ways to make my painting look better but when it gets ti the coloring part i alwyas mess up i
    tried different brushes and colors but when it comes to coloring it looks horrible i start with flat colors when i try to add the light it looks so ugly and the shadows if i put them in or try to blend any of those color it always end up even worse. thats what i want to ask you to help how do you paint colors of your drawing without making it look horrible ive seen your videos and other too
    they paint so easily and their videos are so long and doesnt get to the paint they explained too much uneccecary things too much i hope you can help

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