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Daily 5 challenge -
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Develop a daily art habit that will take your skills to new heights with the Daily 5 Challenge. Download the free brushes and get started!


How does the Daily 5 Challenge work?

On the first day of each month, you get a new themed prompt list with a new inspirational theme for each day. Then, you spend a minimum of 5 minutes painting the prompt each day.
It’s PERFECT for building a daily art habit and staying creative without feeling overwhelmed! And you don’t have to do it alone…! 😉

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"This set has got all the essentials- from smooth to textured brushes, and a couple of mixer tools too. That's really all you need for your Daily 5 doodles!"
David Belliveau
Lead Instructor at Paintable

Awesome illustrations by Daily 5 Painters!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow along in any software! We’ll be using Adobe Photoshop (which we highly recommend), but you can follow along in Procreate, Krita, Clip Studio, Corel Painter, or any other software of your choice!

Yes, we highly recommend you use a tablet to participate in this Challenge!

Any tablet will do – whether that’s a Wacom, Huion, Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft, or any other make. You don’t need a professional tablet to paint professional artwork!

Nope – this Challenge is completely online, so you can follow along from the comfort of your own home (or studio, if you’re fortunate enough to have one)!

It’s completely free! 🙂

If you enjoy the Challenge, all we ask is that:

  1. You’d be so kind as to leave me some feedback or a testimonial.
  2. You share it with your friends! The more the merrier. 🙌

This Challenge is on every month with a new prompt list. 

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