In 5 fun days, you'll learn solid step-by-step foundational sketching, coloring, and lighting techniques while creating the most realistic illustration you've ever done!

I'll show you how to take your artwork from "okay" to stunningly realistic...

… even if you’re just starting out with digital painting.

There are SO MANY things to learn about digital art as a beginner! 

Sketching, getting your proportions right, learning how to use your brushes, tools, and layers, picking the right colors, developing your own style… 

Trying to learn it all yourself on YouTube is enough to make you want to give up digital art!

I get it! I was there too. 

So I developed this FREE short course to show beginning digital artists like you all of the basic techniques that you need to know and practice to bring lifelike realism to your illustrations, and have fun while doing it! 

" Each of the 5 days of this bootcamp, you'll receive a new video lesson. Each lesson will teach a new step.


Sketch your subject with the right proportions, so your illustration looks more realistic, like your reference photos


Learn to pick the perfect colors with ease, including a tool I use to pick vibrant, harmonious colors schemes


Add texture quickly and in just the right places, to boost realism without taking a lot of time or overdoing it


Apply lighting & shadows to create depth and the illusion three dimension and realism to your subject, bringing it to life


Learn to paint the right amount of detail, no more no less, so you're not stuck taking forever on every painting

By the end of the Bootcamp, you’ll have a totally new (and professional) approach to digital painting. And you'll have an awesome finished painting to show off!

Over 51,000 artists have participated so far

Learn the proven system that's helped tens of thousands of students get real results.

“This has been the most incredible course. I never thought I could ever produce a realistic portrait like this and this showed me that I could. I could not be more happy with how it turned out…”
Amanda Roberts
David, I have been student for about 20 years, and I must say you are the best teacher I've ever met!
Erdem Metim
I’ve been struggling for some time to seriously start painting digitally. Paintable gave me the tools and approaches to finally jumping the border from traditional or half-digital to a complete digital workflow.
Thorsten Piepbrink

Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Painting Bootcamp is a FREE 5-day short course that teaches beginning digital artists the fundamentals of sketching, coloring, lighting, rendering and more!

Each day of the bootcamp, new video lessons are unlocked. Follow each day’s lessons and apply the exercises to your own illustration of a realistic apple.

At the end of the 5 days, you’ll have your own beautifully realistic apple illustration! 🍎 And a solid set of foundational digital painting skills that you’ll use for the rest of your artistic career!

You can follow along in any software! We’ll be using Adobe Photoshop (which we highly recommend), but you can follow along in Procreate, Krita, Clip Studio, Corel Painter, or any other software of your choice!

Yes, we highly recommend you use a tablet to follow along with this course!

Any tablet will do – whether that’s a Wacom, Huion, Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft, or any other make. You don’t need a professional tablet to paint professional artwork!

YES! 🙌  I created this bootcamp- all of the lessons and exercises- just for beginning digital artists like you!

I’ll walk you step by step through sketching, coloring, lighting and more. All you need is a tablet, your favorite software, and 20 minutes each day for the next 5 days.

Give it a try, you’ll be amazed at how much better your artwork looks by this time next week.

It’s completely free 🙂

If you like the class, all we ask is that:

  1. You’d be so kind as to leave me some feedback or a testimonial of how it helped you grow as an artist.
  2. You share it with your friends! The more the merrier 🙌

As soon as you click any of the green buttons on this page and let me know what email address to send the lessons to!

Your first lesson will arrive in a few minutes, and Day 2 will arrive in your email tomorrow!

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paint a realistic apple in just 5 days...

... even as a beginning digital artist!
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