Digital Painting Bootcamp

Day 01: The Simple, Quick Way to Sketch [3 Video Lessons]

Download the exercise file and brushes here 👉 [Photoshop] [Procreate] [Other Software]

01 – Observing Shapes and Forms

We’ll get started by observing the shapes and forms that we see in our subject (the apple). Seems like a simple thing to do, right?

It’s not hard, but it does take a different perspective than you may be used to.

This video will show you how to really observe an object with the eyes of an artist. 👁

02 – Setting Up Your Workspace

Let’s get your workspace set up so that you can see the reference photo, your form, and your canvas all at once.

Once you have your workspace set up like shown in the video, you can move to the next step.

03 – Sketching Your Sketch

In this step, we’ll create a simple sketch of your apple! You’ll learn about:

  • Transform/warp tool
  • Layers & layer stack
  • Move tool

Create your sketch today.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about coloring your sketch!

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