Digital Painting Inspiration #037

Cover image by Yuhong Ding

Twice a month we bring you a selection of mind-blowingly beautiful digital paintings for your inspiration! 

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5 thoughts on “Digital Painting Inspiration #037”

  1. A great selection once again David, My 2 favourites are, Ramón Nuñez and Bogna Gawrońska, Ramon’s work is sooo photogenic, my hard to understand one is Daniel Bolling Walsh, I mean would you really go out hunting someone to kill someone in your undies but hey each to their own there may well be a back story as to why she HAD to go out in her knickers to shoot someone.

  2. Ok, My creativity’s gushing like a geyser!
    *running Photoshop…
    Oh, Why there’s almost never landscapes ?
    [I’m asking too much(┬┬﹏┬┬)]

    • Hi, Youssef! Landscapes can be hard to do without studying them- maybe it’s a sign to give them a go? 😉 We’re sure you could nail it!


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