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Want a peek inside the DPA? Enjoy these 3 popular video lessons straight from the library. You'll get access to the entire video collection immediately upon becoming a member!

Sneak-peek 01:
from the Making your first marks Module

This module contains 19 videos with lots of fun exercises. You'll learn the key techniques to help you begin creating awesome illustrations and digital paintings, even if you're just starting out.

Inside this module:

Sneak-peek 02:
from the Sketching techniques for digital artists module

Sketching with a tablet can be hard, but in this module, I'll teach you my best tips & techniques that will have you drawing like a pro in no time! It's a 14-video module packed with actionable tips.

Inside this module:

Sneak-peek 03:
from the Rendering techniques for digital artists module

Learn to render quality, highly detailed paintings with this 19-video module on the Academy. This process you'll learn sets you up to render anything, from objects to landscapes.

Inside this module:

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Here's What Previous Students Are Saying About Paintable Classes:

"Every portrait that I'm doing (…) is better than the last"

Amanda Gremba - Student Testimonial 💬

“I was worried that it would just be another set of broad tutorials… when I saw how long the first module was I knew I had absolutely made the right decision.”

"The progress that I've made is insane"

Taryn Peterson - Student Testimonial 💬

“Now that I’ve actually been able to put in that 20 min every single day for 6 months… It’s like ok! Well, obviously that was worth it. And to see the progress that I’ve made too is insane! I wouldn’t have gotten there so fast.

"If you try it, you are going to love it"

Miguel Olalder - Student Testimonial 💬

“When I was in the second month, I started showing my work to people… and people couldn’t believe I made that!

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