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Amanda Gremba - Pittsburgh PA💬

Meet Amanda.

She’s been an artist practically her whole life.

Before joining the DPA, she spent a year watching YouTube tutorials, trying to figure things out.  But they didn’t go deep enough into the digital painting techniques that would help her push her artwork to where she wanted it to be.

She jumped right in to the Academy, learning the foundational tools and techniques first. And now that she’s mastered the basics, she’s able to bring her own creativity into her artwork like never before!

It feels like I was a toddler with an oversized crayon compared to the refinement that I can achieve now. 😆

There is so much information in the DPA that I don't know how long it's going to take me to work through it all, and it is such a different price to pay than attending a four-year school. It is absolutely worth the price!

I got more out of this than I did for a full-semester class at university and didn't have to take out a loan to do it. The videos are amazing and in-depth, and the structure of the class is perfectly paced to take you through the process of painting without overwhelming you.
Jennifer Deweese
Graphic Designer

"dpa gives you the tools so you don't have to go thru that long experimental stage"

“A lot of people are noticing my pieces… after using the advice he’s given in the tutorials. 5 stars!”  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kersten Peterson - Chicago IL

"now i impress myself everyday, where before it was just frustrating."

“It’s broken down into such manageable pieces that are easy to learn… it’s not overwhelming. If you have 5 mins a day, then there’s nothing that could be more worth it than this school!”

“To see the progress I’ve made is insane- I would never have gotten there so fast.”

Taryn Peterson - Vancouver CA

"paintable... is an experience that everyone interested in art has to live. if you try it, you're gonna love it."

“When I was in the second month, I started showing my work to people… and people couldn’t believe I made that! And I said Wow, I’m gaining some skills.”  
“The lessons of Paintable work every time.”

Miguel Olalde - Mexico City

With the "Illustration From Imagination Program" included inside the DPA you'll create stunning illustration from imagination in no time.

"I got my first commission pretty quickly after I took this course!"

“I’m able to convey the story that I want now a lot easier than I ever was before… [David] lays out the steps, so easy to follow”

Amanda Roberts - Student Testimonial 💬

Amanda Roberts

"There's so much that I've gained from it"

“It’s just opened up my imagination. I’m not doubting myself anymore. I know that I can build up to a great artwork- I don’t have to start with something perfect!”

Nemaiza Rhayne - Student Testimonial 💬

Nemaiza Rhayne

"I'm feeling better about my own skills"

“Doing this really made me think: I actually can take on some really ambitious things!”

Paola Loriggio - Student Testimonial 💬

Paola Loriggio

Learn to paint from Sketch to Final Illustration

I’ve been struggling for some time to seriously start painting digitally. The Digital Painting Academy gave me the tools and approaches to finally jumping the border from traditional or half-digital to a complete digital workflow without putting me in a strict corset that wouldn’t have fitted to my life.
Thorsten Piepenbrink
Designer @ Grafips

"There are a lot of YouTube videos out there.. but the Academy gave me structure."

Pedro Matos - Portugal 💬

“I was worried about paying for the course… and not only did I not regret it, I bought a second one!”
It’s a great community- everybody helps everybody! You have the whole support behind you.”

"he looked over and saw what was on the screen, and said that was the best he'd ever seen me draw!"

Cindy Cox - Portland OR 💬

You’ll definitely benefit regardless of your level. [The DPA community] will help you figure out what will work best for you… including David.”

More Amazing Student Artwork

I really enjoyed the organized structure of the courses. The foundations and the modules for individual aspects such as hair, skin tones or anatomy made it easy to divide my studying time into smaller chunks. That really helps with the motivation to continue learning and painting!
Julia Klein
I love the site and can't begin to tell you what a difference it's made for me.

I went from 'I have an art degree' being the funniest joke I could tell to actually making work that looks good!
Sami Yuhas
I feel far more comfortable with digital painting now. I don't struggle with smooth blending and I've learnt lots of easy tips and tricks that make it easy to fix mistakes or to really push the drawing to the next level. Basically, I've learnt how to use technology efficiently to create beautiful paintings.

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