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inside the Digital painting academy

Come with me as I give you the VIP tour through all of the Learning Paths, digital art resources, and Deep Dives within the Academy! I also do some Q&A at the end of the tour.

You'll get access to everything you see here, immediately upon becoming a member!

You get immediate access to everything I cover in this tour, when you join the academy

I cover a LOT in this walkthrough. 😅 If you'd like to skip to a certain topic, this may help you out:

👉 Welcome & Overview:
0:00 Welcome to the VIP tour
0:07 Overview of the the Academy
0:49 The First Thing You Do When You Join

👉Modules & Learning Paths :
01:39 Foundation Path
02:05 Making Your First Marks
02:55 Light & Color Path
04:19 Anatomy Path
04:28 Gesture Drawing Deep-Dive
05:24 Facial Expressions Deep-Dive

👉 Paint-Over & Feedback
06:42 Live Q&A Example

👉 Bonus Section:
08:21 How To Mockup Your Work
09:05 Exclusive Deals

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The Digital Painting Academy is your one-stop solution to becoming a world-class digital painter!

We’re on a mission to give you a better education than a traditional art school or university (which often cost $30,000+/year), for a fraction, of the price!  We’ve had multiple students tell us that they learnt more in our lessons than at their art school, and we’re hoping we can do the same for you.

In a nutshell, the Digital Painting Academy contains a huge library of professionally-produced classes, downloadable exercises, and premium resources to help you become a world-class digital painter. And to guarantee your results, you also get monthly live feedback and critiques on your work from a seasoned expert.

The Digital Painting Academy Halloween deal is currently on! 🎃

Get 1 full year of access to all modules for $297.

Once this discount ends, the Academy will return to the normal price of $45/month or $400/year. 

Please note that it is a subscription. You get access to everything immediately upon enrolling, and get to keep access for as long as you keep your subscription active.

We don’t lock you into any contracts or do anything shady, and you’re free to cancel your subscription any time you’d like.

If you’re a complete newbie, the very first thing you’ll learn is how to get started with your tablet and software, and how to make your first marks.

More advanced artists can skip ahead a few lessons, and dive right into mastering the fundamentals of painting. Through a series of fun, project-based classes, you’ll learn key skills like

  • Sketching, proportion & measurement
  • Rendering and lighting
  • Advanced techniques for working with color
  • How to build a good workflow, fix your mistakes, and push your style
  • Portrait details like skin tones, hair, textures, anatomy, and more

Once you have mastered the Foundations, you can dive into more advanced lessons, where we cover topics like:

  • How to fix dull & muddy colors
  • Painting clothing, jewellery, and other accessories for your characters
  • Painting landscapes & foliage
  • Designing epic dragons, and painting special effects like glowing embers, flashing spells, and fiery explosions
  • Creating your own powerful brushes, and using them to add details and textures

And much more!

Yes! We make it really, really easy for you to cancel your subscription (it only takes 2 clicks from your Account Settings), because it forces us to work hard to keep your business.

You’re not locked into any subscriptions, and are free to cancel any time you’d like.

Yes, and in fact we many students happily following along in just about any software you can name!

The only thing you definitely need is a tablet of some sort, whether that’s a graphic tablet like a Wacom or Bamboo, or a display tablet like an iPad Pro or Cintiq. You won’t be able to follow along with a mouse. Click here for more info on what kinds of digital art tablets are available.

I’ll be teaching in Adobe Photoshop – and while I highly recommend it, you’ll be able to follow along in any software of your choice, whether that’s Krita, Procreate, Clip Studio, Corel Painter, or others.

The lessons in the Digital Painting Academy will be most useful for beginner and intermediate artists.

That being said, we also have a number of advanced artists who stay in the Academy to go professional, and for the sense of community and monthly feedback on their work!

Absolutely not! I didn’t have either when I started out.

I’ll show you tips & tricks to improve your drawings in Photoshop, and show you how to paint heads & portraits from any angle.

…over 9000 students and counting

Here's What Previous Students Are Saying About Paintable Classes:

"Every portrait that I'm doing (…) is better than the last"

Amanda Gremba - Student Testimonial 💬

“I was worried that it would just be another set of broad tutorials… when I saw how long the first module was I knew I had absolutely made the right decision.”

"The progress that I've made is insane"

Taryn Peterson - Student Testimonial 💬

“Now that I’ve actually been able to put in that 20 min every single day for 6 months… It’s like ok! Well, obviously that was worth it. And to see the progress that I’ve made too is insane! I wouldn’t have gotten there so fast.

"If you try it, you are going to love it"

Miguel Olalder - Student Testimonial 💬

“When I was in the second month, I started showing my work to people… and people couldn’t believe I made that!

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