Workshop Replay!

Thank you to everyone that showed up live during the workshop. I hope you found it useful! 😀

If you couldn’t be with us live, no problem. You can watch the replay here. 

But hurry up, the workshop replay and the EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT will both be GONE on Wednesday April 27.

Class begins on Monday, May 2!! 

 👉 Click here to get all the info on IFI.

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The Workshop Replay Has Expired

Thank you to everyone that showed up live during the workshop. I hope you found it useful! 😊

Registration for Illustration From Imagination is NOW OPEN! Come join us before enrollment is closed.

Class begins on Monday, May 2!

👉 Click here to get all the info on IFI.

Download the Workshop Slides, Get the Workbooks, and Watch the Video Tutorial

Download the slides I went through during the workshop, and get the two free workbooks to help you build your very own Client Magnet brief and project!

Click the image to watch the video tutorial to learn how to use them.

All you need to know about Illustration From Imagination

Kick-Start Your Creative Career by Enrolling in "Illustration From Imagination".

If you want to know more about Illustration From Imagination, click the button below or visit to get all the details about the masterclass.

You can also watch the video to the right to see what's inside the program.

Here are your free bonuses for sharing the live workshop!

BONUS 01: 28 "Must-Have" Brushes for Painting Incredible Portrait Details

BONUS 02: Portrait Processes - two Step-by-Step Downloadable Worksheets

BONUS 03: Walkthrough on how to Paint Luscious Lips (pdf & video)

Student testimonials!

Illustration From Imagination Masterclass

"Honestly there's nothing else out there that compares"

Amber Leigh - Student Testimonial 💬

I actually used Illustration from Imagination to finish a book cover job that I had been working on. My client was so in love with the work that resulted from following the course that he’s decided I’m officially his artist for the rest of his series!”

"This is gonna give you set steps for life. It is life changing."

Sarah Larter - Student Testimonial 💬

“Before this I was using YouTube and going in circles and trying to find my way through this sea of information that just didn’t make sense. I would love for it to be my full time job. I was hoping the course would be able to give me that realistic expectation, and I believe it has.”

"Hands down, five stars. It's the best course I've ever done. "

Ben O'Donohoe - Student Testimonial 💬

“I now draw probably half as much, but I produce twice as much work. I don’t like looking at my old work anymore. My new work is so much better!

The "Illustration From Imagination" Masterclass

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