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How to Paint Anything Without Sketching (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Ever feel like your sketching and line art skills are keeping you from painting?

We got you covered, and we’re doing it with the super sweet, soulful eyes of a pug pup. 🐕  

When I started learning digital painting, I struggled a lot with rendering my subjects directly- without starting with a sketch or outline. 

Then, when I finally understood the value scale, and discovered the right techniques, I fell in love with the process. 

Today, I’m super excited to show you how it works! 


In this free tutorial, I’m sharing with you the secrets to skipping the sketch:

  • The 3 observation steps to make before starting your rendering
  • The problem with starting on a white background (and what to do instead)
  • How to use shapes instead of sketch lines
  • Establishing the right proportions of your subject
  • The importance of painting while zoomed out
… and other pearls that will get you painting right now!

Watch the video now to find out how:

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