Download your brushes below, then scroll down for 3 tutorials on how get started using them!


Download your brushes using the button below. The brushes are compatible with Photoshop, Procreate & CSP.

If you are using another software, download & open the ABR (Photoshop) brushes, and follow the instructions included in the download to convert your brushes.

After downloading, scroll down for the free tutorial on how to use the brushes!

tutorial 1:

How to Add Realistic Skin Texture with Your New Paintable Brushes in 3 Steps

In this tutorial, I show you how to use your new Paintable Portrait Brushes to add realistic skin texture to your next portrait. I’ll walk you through the 3 steps using these brushes on one of my own portraits:

tutorial 2:

How to Paint Beautiful Hairstyles in 5 Steps

In this video, I’ll give you my 5-step process for rendering hairstyles for your portraits and characters using the Paintable Hair Brushes in the set you downloaded above.

tutorial 3:

Add Character to Your Portraits with Stubble, Beards, and 5 o'Clock Shadows

Give your characters some character by adding facial hair quickly and easily with the Paintable Brushes. Watch this quick tutorial, then try it on your next project.

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