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IT'S HALLOWEEN! Time to have some fun "carving" pumpkins- but this time, with our styluses. Join in on the fun, and create your Jack-O'-Lantern digital painting with us! #PaintablePumpkin

Mon October 9 to Sun October 15, 2023!

What is the Digital Painting Pumpkin Carving Challenge?

Join Paintable in this digital painting challenge to create your creepiest (or cutest) Jack-O'-Lantern this Halloween!

There are 2 ways to participate:

  1. Download the official Paintable “Pumpkin”, and use it as a starting point to carve away your best pumpkin design EVER! or…
  2. Design your pumpkin from scratch, using your very own sketches.

Make it your own: creepy, gorgeous, sinister, cute… show us your unique style!

Post your finished final artwork by Sunday October 15
, on your social media with hashtag #PaintablePumpkin so we can find it.

At the end of the week, prizes we'll be given to randomly selected Challenge participants (see all the details + prizes listed below).

You don't need to be the best artist to win a prize- you just need to participate!

Create Your Most Original Pumpkin EVER! In 3 Steps

If you’d like to start with the official “Paintable Pumpkin”, you can download it below. 
Then carve away! Design accessories and style the pumpkin completely to your own taste.


Add glowing eyes, a drippy nose, fangs, lipstick… anything you can imagine! Sketch it out until you're satisfied.


Carve it by painting the pumpkin flesh, shadow, and highlights. Change the color of the background, get creative!


It's here that you want to take your time and add the details to make it POP! You have one week to finish your pumpkin.

Get inspired by the other participants 🎃

Being surrounded by like-minded people is important. By joining the challenge you’ll get the chance to participate with the entire Paintable community.  Click here to join the Tribe.

How To Win the Prizes! 🏆

Get additional chances to win the prizes by sharing your daily progress on all social media with the hashtag #paintablepumpkin.

  • Instagram: Share your daily progress with the hashtag #paintablepumpkin and tag
  • Discord: Share your daily progress in the Paintable Tribe with the hashtag #paintablepumpkin

The Prizes 🎁

We’ve got awesome prizes waiting for some lucky Challenge participants!
Winners will be chosen at random shortly after the end of the Challenge, so you don’t have to be the best to win!
This year, 6 participants will win brand-new digital art tablets from our friends at Huion🙆‍♀️

Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow along in any software! We’ll be using Adobe Photoshop (which we highly recommend), but you can follow along in Procreate, Krita, Clip Studio, Corel Painter, or any other software of your choice!

Yes, we highly recommend you use a tablet to participate in this Challenge!

Any tablet will do – whether that’s a Wacom, Huion, Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft, or any other make. You don’t need a professional tablet to paint professional artwork!

Nope – this Challenge is completely online, so you can follow along from the comfort of your own home (or studio, if you’re fortunate enough to have one)!

It’s completely free! 🙂

If you enjoy the Challenge, all we ask is that:

  1. You’d be so kind as to leave me some feedback or a testimonial.
  2. You share it with your friends! The more the merrier. 🙌

This Challenge kicks off Monday October 9, and the last day to post your finished artwork is Sunday October 15.  

The prizes will be drawn at random shortly after the end of the Challenge.

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