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Workshop Replay + Free Downwload

Thank you to everyone that showed up live during the workshop. I hope you found it useful!

If you couldn’t be with us during the live, no problem. You can watch the replay and download the Doodle Drills Exercise Sheet here.

The Digital Painting Academy

If you can imagine it, you can illustrate it.

Let us show you how!

What if…

This could be the year that you brought your creative dreams to life? 💫

Digital Painting Academy is your fast track to creating the digital art of your dreams, with a clear learning path and monthly practices to build an amazing portfolio. 🌟

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Special offer only available until May 29th, 2023. Regular prices are $45/mo and $400/year

“The best classes I’ve ever taken. Totally worth the time and money!”

“I’ve had an iPad but I didn’t really know where to begin. I didn’t know much about Photoshop and using the software, creating layers… it’s just different from the relationship you have with a page. It was intimidating.

I wanted to create more complex illustrations, work with light and shadows, textures and create nice compositions. I tried a few courses on Skillshare but there was no sense of community or people I could relate to.

The DPA is way more engaging than a simple class because you’re really pushed to create your own art based on the ideas they share with you.

Now, I’m excited about my craft, my skills and my potential. I have more confidence and a step by step process I can follow to create the things I want to create.”

Daniella Oro

“I’m going outside of my comfort zone and making the things I see in my head.”

“I’ve watched YouTube videos and read books, but there wasn’t a pathway to follow. It felt haphazard and I didn’t like what I was producing. So I’d just fizzle off and lose momentum.

When I found Paintable I could tell there was a structure to the way David teaches. I like the short videos and how easy they are to follow. Even after the first 2 videos, I found that I was able to actually achieve the outcomes David was teaching… and it looked really good!

I’m painting digitally every day now and enjoying the process so much more. My wife and kids are commenting on what I’m making and how much better it is.

Peter Valsan

"Every portrait that
I'm doing (…) is better
than the last"

Amanda Gremba - Paintable Student 💬

"The progress that I've made is insane"

Taryn Peterson - Paintable Student 💬

"If you try it, you are going to love it"

Miguel Olalder - Paintable Student 💬

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