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Over 150 step-by-step video lessons covering sketching, skin tones and textures, anatomy, facial expressions and more. Everything you need to finally create professional portraits in your very own style.

Student Work ❤️

“This has been the most incredible course. I never thought I could ever produce a realistic portrait like this and this showed me that I could. I could not be more happy with how it turned out…”
Amanda Roberts

What is the
Portrait Artist Bundle?

The Portrait Artist Bundle is a collection of the best portrait-focused masterclasses from the Digital Painting Academy, bundled together to help you get exactly what you need to create stunningly realistic or stylized portraits. No more, no less.

Whether you're a beginning portrait artist, or already advanced, this bundle is designed to help you achieve real progress in your portraits- FAST!

What will I learn from The Portrait Artist Bundle?

You'll discover and practice the path that will take your portrait skillset to a professional level…


  • How to Paint Portraits that Look Realistic – no more crooked portraits that look nothing like your reference photos! Topics in this bundle include sketching, rendering, coloring, and more.

  • Clear Step-by-Step Video Lessons – each bite-sized lesson builds on the next so you never feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated.

  • Downloadable Exercises to Sharpen your Skills – Because theory is good, but it’s not enough. I’ve provided exercises that help you learn exactly how to put everything into practice.

  • Paint Your Strongest EVER Portrait – Each module in the bundle guides you along a clear path as you create your very best portrait ever! 

A clear step-by-step path to learn Professional Portraiture!

No more feeling overwhelmed trying to piece it all together on YouTube. Each module in the bundle has a clear learning path to help you progress faster. Simply start at the beginning and follow the bite-size videos lessons one by one.


Local Values




Learn the 6 Building Blocks Needed to Paint Professional Portraits!

Here's what you'll learn with this bundle…

BLOCK 01 - Sketching techniques that will teach you…

  • The “Essential 5” measurement techniques you need to know to draw proportionately from observation

  • The 3 steps professional artists use to create clean linework

  • The secret to drawing precise, smooth lines with your wrist

  • Warm-up exercises needed to improve your hand-eye coordination

  • How to avoid hours of wasted time by creating the right sketches that will almost guarantee your portrait will be a success, before you even start painting it…

BLOCK 02 - Anatomy of the human head to teach you…

  • The three essential construction techniques to create proportionate portraits that look realistic

  • Anatomy of each feature from simple shape to complex anatomy

  • The planes of the human head so that you can sketch in proportion and render light and shadow more easily.

  • The placement of facial features to make sure they look realistic

  • The advanced sketching process professional digital artists use to create their illustration and drawings

BLOCK 03 - Portrait rendering techniques that will teach you…

  • The 7 steps to create realistic 3D-looking rendering for your portrait and characters FASTER!

  • The on-screen blending method used by professionals to create “smooth” surfaces.

  • How to create perfect details like skin texture, eyelashes, flowy hair, and voluptuous lips that add the WOW factor to your portraits.

  • How to properly place the highlights and shadows on your portrait to create contrast, shape and depth.

  • How to effectively use advanced tools like the smudge tool and mixer brush to create professional-looking results.

BLOCK 04 - Coloring techniques that will teach you…

  • The “L-Recipe” technique to help you choose harmonious colors for highlights and shadows even from imagination.

  • How to avoid “muddy colors” and instead create bright, saturated color schemes.

  • How to paint believable skin tones, including skin details like freckles, pores, moles, and more.

  • How to tackle the challenge of choosing from millions of colors.

  • How to use the right blending mode to create magical special effects and colorize your paintings like a pro.

BLOCK 05 - Skin tone techniques to teach you…

  • How to paint any skin color from any ethnicity with ease and realism 

  • Techniques like subsurface scattering that creates natural glowing effects on every skin tone in direct light.

  • The color zones of the human face and how to emphezise in the right amount without looking like a clown

  • The direct impact ambient light has on every skin tone and how to use it at your advantage.

  • How to shift the hues on your skin to create more vivid colors and more realism

BLOCK 06 - Facial expression techniques to teach you…

  • How to paint any skin color from any ethnicity with ease

  • Techniques like subsurface scattering that creates natural glowing effects on every skin tone in direct light.

  • The color zones of the human face and how to emphezise in the right amount without looking like a clown

  • The direct impact ambient light has on every skin tone and how to use it at your advantage.

  • How to shift the hues on your skin to create more vivid colors and more realism


Watch the instructor David Belliveau as he goes through the 12 modules included in the bundle.

Here exactly what's included in the bundle👇

You'll get LIFETIME access to 12 masterclasses with a total of 150 sequential step-by-step video lessons when you purchase the Portrait Artist Bundle today.

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In these live sessions, you'll be able to submit your work and get feedback from professional artist David Belliveau, ask any art questions on your mind, and get paint-overs to help you see where you personally can improve.

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60,000+ Have Taken The Leap So far!

Learn the proven system that's helped tens of thousands of students get real results… Here's what students of the Digital Painting Academy have to say…

"Every portrait that I'm doing (…) is better than the last"

Amanda Gremba - Student Testimonial

"The progress that I've made is insane"

Taryn Peterson - Student Testimonial 💬

"If you try it, you are going to love it"

Miguel Olalder - Student Testimonial 💬

David, I have been student for about 20 years, and I must say you are the best teacher I've ever met!
Erdem Metim
I’ve been struggling for some time to seriously start painting digitally. Paintable gave me the tools and approaches to finally jumping the border from traditional or half-digital to a complete digital workflow.
Thorsten Piepbrink

Results That Speak For Themself ❤️

Below are a few example of what the Paintable classes can help you achieve in just a few days. Example from the one week portrait challenge included in the bundle.

My goal is to help you succeed as a digital artist

I truly want to help you get the results you desire, and I know this bundle can make the difference between reaching your dreams in a few months rather than a few years. But if this bundle isn’t the right fit for you, I’ll refund your money no questions asked. Your success is my number one priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Paintable is to help you reach your artistic dreams. We want to make it even easier for you to build these portrait skills, so we’re bundling these essential courses at an unbeatable price.  It’s as simple as that! 😊

You can follow along in any software you prefer! We’ll be using Adobe Photoshop (which we highly recommend), but you can follow along in Procreate, Krita, Clip Studio, Corel Painter, or any other software of your choice!

Yes, we highly recommend you use a tablet to follow along with this course!

Any tablet will do – whether that’s a Wacom, Huion, Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft, or any other make. You don’t need a professional tablet to paint professional artwork!  The Ultimate Beginners Guide (included in the bundle) has more info on tablets to help you choose.

You’ll get immediate access. 🎉

And once you’re in, you’ll have lifetime access to this bundle (plus all future updates to it), so you can go through it as many times as you’d like.

Nope – all lessons will be available online, so you can follow along from the comfort of your own home (or studio, if you’re fortunate enough to have one)!

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Portrait Artist Bundle

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  • Learning paths to mastering the fundamentals of sketching, rendering, and other key skills needed to paint professional portraits!
  • Premium Resources: downloadable exercise files, tools & brushes, and cheatsheets included
  • Total Value: Together the courses in the Portrait Artist Bundle have a value of $1,117. You lifetime access to all of them for just 1 payment of $485! You a save a total of $632!
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