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☀️ The Brief: Dawnstrike Book Cover

Welcome to Dark Unicorn, where imagination knows no bounds! We’re not just a publishing house- we’re making modern-day magic. We take pride in our books taking readers to realms unexplored, and we’re on the lookout for an artist who can bring those worlds to life on our covers- or, we were, until we found you!

That’s right- we’re hiring YOU to create our most recent novel cover! Sound exciting? If you’re ready to accept the challenge, here’s all the details to guide you along and make this project as successful as possible.

Our upcoming novel, “Dawnstrike,” is a tale following the journey of Alina, a spirited swordswoman battling against the encroaching darkness. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure alongside Alina as she fearlessly confronts evil forces with both grace and peerless skill. 

Are you ready to weave your artistic magic and breathe life into Alina’s mysterious world?

👉 Title of the Book:




📖 Book Synopsis:

“Dawnstrike” tells the journey of Alina, a spirited young swordswoman fighting against the forces of darkness. Readers will embark on an epic adventure as she battles evil with grace and skill, clad in a unique blend of Samurai-inspired armor with Cyberpunk elements.

🖼️ Illustration needed:

The art director at Dark Unicorn envisions a striking portrait of Alina as the main focus of the cover, sword in hand, wearing a unique mix of “Samurai” and “Cyberpunk” styled armor (think metal, carbon fiber, and colorful ribbons). Alina is described in the book to have “pale skin and dark hair”, but the rest is up to your imagination. Don’t forget to leave space for the book title!

🗝️ Key Elements:

  • Portrait of Alina With Katana in Hand
  • Alina has pale skin and dark hair. The rest is up to you!
  • A blend of “Samurai” and “Cyberpunk” aesthetics
  • Include metal, carbon fiber, and colorful ribbons

💭 Moodboard Inspiration:

Moodboards are an excellent way to help inspire your mind and find references to use for your work! Check out our Pinterest board, or choose your own images from the inspiration list below! 

📃 Artwork Specs for your Digital Painting

Here are some specifications for the final artwork:

  • Dimensions should be 18 cm X 25 cm at 300 DPI
  • Add a 0.5cm bleed all around.
  • The image should be in portrait orientation, not landscape.

👉 All the materials you need for this project can be found inside the Digital Painting Academy.

📆 Deliverables & Deadline

During your digital painting brief, you will have deliverables that should be shared within the #monthly-project room in the Discord Tribe community upon completion. This allows you to receive feedback from your peers (and sometimes myself!) and view the work of other students.

Deliverables must include:

  • Rough thumbnail sketches for concept approval (within 2 days)
  • Color thumbnail (within 1 week)
  • Final Image (Before deadline)

Your deadline is 30 days- so make sure your final illustration is posted by the end of the month!

✍️ Note from client...

We’re excited to see your interpretation of Alina’s journey! Feel free to infuse the cover with your own spark to create the magic Dark Unicorn novels are known for. We trust your artistic vision, and are looking forward to bringing “Dawnstrike” to life together!

🧠 Stay Inspired: The #MyDaily5 Challenge

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Don’t forget to share your work in the Tribe, or tag us on InstagramLet’s celebrate your 5 minutes of creativity turning into hours of awesome painting! 🙌

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