Treasure Island Paintings

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, me hearties. Treasure Island paintings for your inspiration. Students in Paintable’s 6-week Illustration From Imagination program choose from a set of “client briefs” to center their project around. And one of the favorite briefs is the timeless tale of buccaneers and buried gold- Treasure Island! IFI student or not, have … Read more

42 Inspirational Digital Painting Portraits

Your daily dose of digital painting portraits from today’s hot artists! Whether you’re looking for inspo for the upcoming One Week Portrait Challenge, or you’re taking a work break and want a satisfying dopamine hit, these diversely-styled digital painting portraits from 21 of today’s hot artists are sure to hit the spot. Viktoria Gavrilenko Take a … Read more

How to Paint a Skull in 3 Steps

Want to learn how to paint a skull in 3 simple, no-fuss steps? Did you participate in our recent Paintable Discord challenge: Render a realistic-looking skull? 💀 After I finished and submitted my skull, I got some great questions from the participants around how I created it. So I recorded this speed painting to show you the 3 quick … Read more

Easy Landscape Digital Painting Tutorial

Create a simple landscape digital painting, even if you’re just starting out! Going on vacation, even if it’s a “staycation”, is a fun chance to take a break from portraits and paint the beautiful landscapes around you. And to help you out, I have a brand new 4-min tutorial that shows you how to create … Read more

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Digital Paintings

“And what is the use of a book… without pictures or conversation?” Are you looking for unique painting ideas for your next masterpiece? There’s no better place to look for character design inspiration than the incredible world of Alice in Wonderland…  Browse through the collection of these fan-painted creations based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland… … Read more

Zero To Hero: The Digital Painting Process

There is no one recipe for painting a masterpiece… Every artist has their own digital painting process they go through when creating art. Many do sketches first, others block in the colors directly, some start painting in greyscale and some use colors right from the beginning. Developing your own painting process takes some experimenting to … Read more

How to Make Digital Paintings Look Traditional: 3 Pro Tips

Want a more traditional, “painterly” look to your digital paintings? There’s nothing wrong with super-smooth blending and crisp, clean lines. In fact, some of my favorite pieces of digital art are in this style. But maybe you love the look of a traditional painting or want to challenge yourself to create the illusion that you’ve used … Read more

How to Draw a Digital Portrait Like a Pro: Sketching Tutorial

Best method to draw a digital portrait
Ever spend hours figuring out how to draw a digital portrait, only to zoom out and realize something’s just “off”? You’ve spent so long sketching, merging layers, and painstakingly adding in the details… only to discover that your portrait doesn’t resemble your reference — or even a person at all!Even worse, it’s impossible to fix … Read more

21 Vibrant Digital Paintings of Ibrahem Swaid

Colorful, saturated, fresh… these words describe the artistic style of talented Syrian game designer and digital illustrator Ibrahem Swaid. You may recognize him all over the internet as Noobovich. When he’s not creating extraordinary characters, Ibrahem teaches up-and-coming digital artists how to create portraits and narrative illustrations from sketch to final. (Peruse his tutorials on Artstation and Gumroad.) … Read more

Painting Crystals And Gems – Digital Painting Walkthrough

Painting Crystals and Gems
“How do I get a translucent look when painting crystals and gems?” Taking on the challenge of painting shiny, semi-transparent objects like crystals and gems, amber and sea glass is not for the faint of heart! Understanding how to get a realistic see-through lighting effect on objects can give your digital painting skills and entirely … Read more

25 Twisted Holiday Illustrations

You definitely don’t want to be on their naughty list… The holidays are around the corner but you’ve already seen more than enough of the traditional Christmas paintings this year? You’re in luck! We have a collection of brilliantly twisted holiday illustrations from talented artists that didn’t shy away from reinterpreting the typical holiday characters. If you aren’t creeped out … Read more

25 Holiday Illustrations to Spread Some Holiday Cheer

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Everyone on the internet is creating illustrations and you want in on the fun? Scroll through this collection of insanely creative holiday illustrations, get inspired by the eye-catching color combinations, fascinating ideas, and captivating compositions. Get ready to spend hours behind your graphics tablet after this… Happy … Read more

Spectacular Finished Projects from the Illustration From Imagination Fall 2020 Class

Congrats to the IFI Class of Fall 2020! Our current round of Illustration From Imagination is coming to a close, and I couldn’t be prouder of the progress of each of our nearly 200 students! To the IFI members:  Congratulations on pushing the limits of your comfort zone, doing the work to up-level your digital … Read more

25 Best Gifts for Digital Artists in 2020

This is the 2020 gift list to inspire your favorite digital artists! Looking for the perfect, thoughtful gift for your favorite illustrator or painter (including yourself) this year?  Have a browse through the best 25 gifts for digital artists in 2020.  They’re all hand-picked favorites, each one approved by the artists on the Paintable team! … Read more

50 Fantastic Digital Portraits

Cover image by Nemo ArtTwice a month we bring you a handpicked selection of stunning digital paintings for your inspiration!  by Maika Sozo by Roman Tishenin by Lane Brown by Dave Greco by Lisa Buijteweg by Arai Karymsakova by WLOP by Mandy Jurgens by NEMO Art by Dave Greco by Aleksei Vinogradov by Sam Hogg … Read more

Digital Painting Pro Tips for Textured Portraits

Pro Tips for Detailed Digital Portraits
The magic in a portrait happens in the details. When rendering digital portraits, the finishing details you add can make all the difference between being satisfied with your artwork and knowing you’ve created your latest masterpiece! These details don’t have to be hard, time consuming, or risk messing up what you’ve already worked hard to … Read more

31 Spine-chilling Digital Paintings To Inspire You For Halloween

“When witches go riding and black cats are seen… … the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.” As Halloween draws closer, it’s time to carve your pumpkins, pick out your costumes, decorate your front yard, and most importantly, sit down with your tablet and paint something spooky! We’ve brought you some of the most spine-chilling … Read more

25½ Digital Artists You HAVE TO Follow on Instagram in 2020

Cover image by Justine FlorentinoTwice a month we bring you a selection of mind-blowingly beautiful digital paintings for your inspiration!Want to see inspiring digital paintings every time you scroll through your Instagram feed? You’re in the right place… I’ve gathered 25 stunning digital artists for you to follow in 2020. With their frequent posts, paintings, and process videos, … Read more

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