Monthly Project Brief: Bang Bang Chocolate

🍫 The Brief: Bang Bang Chocolate

For this month’s brief, the awesome folks over at the “Bang Bang” chocolate factory want YOU to sprinkle your magic on their Valentine’s Day promotional packaging! 🍫✨ It’s YOUR turn to transform the art for their chocolate bar called “Cinnamon Kiss”– a sweet chocolate with a cin-fully delicious pop rock flare.

The client has requested a portrait for this year’s packaging, but not just any portrait– the Bang Bang team is inviting you to picture a fabulous young woman radiating love and sweetness, surrounded by their iconic vibrant red cinnamon heart candies! 💖

For the style, they’re looking for the vibe of POP culture portraits- you know, like the way Andy Warhol worked his magic and helped immortalize Marylin Monroe. Think high contrast, bold lines, and lively, bright colors. But hey, let’s keep it our own – no need for a famous face, just those awesome high contrast and bright colors that make everything POP!

Keep the packaging fun and bright like a burst of confetti! Imagine it jumping off the shelf, screaming, “Hey, you, pick me up!” That’s the goal for this month’s portfolio brief. 😁

🚚 Deliverables & Deadlines

During your digital painting brief, you will have deliverables that should be shared within the #monthly-project room in the Discord Tribe community upon completion. This allows you to receive feedback from your peers (and sometimes myself!) and view the work of other students.

👉 Week 01: 
• Rough thumbnail sketches for concept approval
• Color thumbnail

Your deadline is 30 days- so make sure your final illustration is posted by the end of the month! 

Remember to post your work in the #monthly-project room by each Sunday! (Psst, if you’re having any trouble with the Discord, please email me at [email protected] and we’ll get you sorted ASAP!) 👍

📃 Artwork Specs for your Digital Painting

Here are some specifications for the final artwork:

  • Dimensions should be 12.5 cm X 22 cm at 300 DPI
  • Add a 0.5cm bleed all around.
  • The image should be in portrait orientation, not landscape.

👉 All the materials you need for this project can be found inside the Digital Painting Academy.

🧠 Stay Inspired: The #MyDaily5 Challenge

Looking for ways to stay inspired? Every day during the month, the Tribe community can participate in the #MyDaily5 challenge.

Check out our Pinterest inspiration board, or this list of sweet drawing ideas! These daily prompts based on our monthly digital painting brief are meant to be sketched or painted in 5 to 30 minutes MAX! They are the perfect way to warm up before working on your main project.

Don’t forget to share your work in the Tribe, or tag us on InstagramLet’s celebrate your 5 minutes of creativity turning into hours of awesome painting! 🙌

I hope you’re as excited as I am for this deliciously sweet portfolio piece! My mouth is watering already. 

I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with- perhaps I’ll get some chocolate to eat while painting for that extra bit of sweet inspiration. 🍫

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