20 Oct 2016

Freebie: How to Create the Perfect Brush for ANY Digital Painting


Creating your own set of professional brushes is easier than you think.

Most painting software like Photoshop comes with a default library of brushes, which are fine for beginners. But as a serious artist, you will want to start adding certain details or a unique style to your paintings. And for that, you'll need to know how to work with your own set of custom brushes.

Luckily, creating your own library of stellar brushes doesn't need to be too difficult, especially with a good set of brush-tips.

So that's exactly what we've created for you: 100 professional brush-tips, perfect for creating almost any type of brush!

If you've always wondered how pro's and advanced artists use Photoshop brushes, this is the right tutorial for you!

Hint: Digital Painting Academy members also get a bonus PSD with all brushes pre-defined in Photoshop! Click here to download.

Watch the video below to find out:

  • How to use our library of 100 Professional Brush-Tips
  • How to create 3 different types of brushes for 3 different types of hair textures
  • Some pro-tips for creating beautiful and versatile brushes

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