18 Mar 2017

How to Use Depth of Field and Motion Blur in Your Digital Paintings (3 Tips)

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Sharper isn't always better..

Hard-edged, crisp details are important..

But to get the full effect, you need to carefully balance them..

Adding areas of blur can work wonders for your composition - helping your subject pop, adding a sense of depth, and even creating a sense of movement. In this short tutorial we give you three creative tips you can use to start improving your paintings right away.

Download the PSD and Brushes:

Click HERE to download the brushes and layered PSD file (for Digital Painting Academy members only).

Watch the video below to find out:

  • How to add atmosphere with depth of field
  • 2 ways to add movement and energy to flat paintings with motion blur
  • The power of non-destructive blur filters in Photoshop

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